Clients and Project Partners


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Strawberry Creek fish passage assessments and habitat typing surveys. Assistance with treatment of two high-priority migration barriers.

National Marine Fisheries Service - Pre-project and post-project monitoring of fish passage projects in coastal, northern California watersheds.


California State Parks, Coastal Mendocino District - Fish passage assessments at all park-maintained crossings. Assistance with proposal development and monitoring of the Glenbrook Gulch dam removal project.

Humboldt County Resource Conservation District - fish assemblage monitoring in conjunction with the Salt River Restoration Project.


Trout Unlimited, Fort Bragg, CA. - Fish passage project monitoring in coastal Mendocino county. Dry Dock Gulch site characterization and alternative analysis. Fish Creek and Essex Gulch barrier treatment alternative analysis and project scoping.

Yurok Tribe, Klamath, CA. - Fish passage assessments on lower Klamath River tributaries.

Karuk Tribe, Orleans, CA. - Fish passage assessments on mid-Klamath River tributaries. Habitat assessment and instream flow recommendations for Stanshaw Creek.

California Trout, Arcata and Mammoth Lakes, CA. - Fish passage assessments of railroad crossings in the Eel River Canyon. Mammoth Creek trout population studies and methyl-mercury testing.

GHD, Inc., Eureka, CA. - Fish relocation for the Rohner Creek flood rehabilitation and fish habitat enhancement project. Fisheries oversight on Rowdy Creek Hatchery fish passage alternative analysis.

SHN Engineering, Eureka, CA. - Campbell Creek water intake replacement project - drafted fisheries BA/BE to address listed salmonids.

Humboldt Bay Keeper, Arcata, CA. - Assistance with study design and sample collection for testing of methyl-mercury in commonly caught sport fishes in Humboldt Bay.

Michael Love and Associates, Arcata, CA. - Fish Creek and Essex Gulch barrier treatment alternative analysis and project scoping.

Laco Associates, Eureka, CA. - Del Norte County fish passage project on Jordan Creek/Parkway Drive. 

Friends of Corte Madera Creek Watershed, Marin County, CA. - Fish passage assessments. Permit writing, fish relocation and monitoring for barrier removal projects.

HDR, Inc., Sacramento, CA. - On-call environmental services contract with Caltrans. Fisheries biology services in relation to fish passage assessment and stream crossing passage improvement projects.

Spencer Engineering, McKinleyville, CA. - Conducted fish relocation for the Francis Creek channel rehabilitation and flood-control project in Ferndale, CA.

Bryan A. Stirrat & Associates, Inc, Diamond Bar, CA. - CEQA permitting for closure of the Mendocino South-coast landfill in Gualala, CA. 

Northwest Hydraulic Consultants, West Sacramento, CA. - Fish passage improvement projects in Santa Cruz county.   

Tetra-tech, Inc., Arcata, CA. - Fish passage improvement projects in Humboldt county. 

For Sake of the Salmon, Portland, OR. - Fish assessment passage workshops. Developed and presented lectures on a variety of subjects related to fish passage.  Also co-developed and co-taught one-day field course on passage assessment techniques.

Redwood Community Action Agency, Eureka, CA. - Fish passage improvement projects in Humboldt county.  Conducted fish relocation for the Widow Creek fish passage improvements at three Humboldt county-maintained crossings.

Sonoma Ecology Center, Sonoma, CA. - Fish passage assessment training.  Provided a one-day field training for Center personnel prior to conducting their own assessment.