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Technical Writing:

We have the experience and expertise to fulfill a wide range of technical writing tasks.  The following is a list of the services we provide, with brief examples of past and current projects.

  • Habitat Conservation Planning (HCP)-Between 1994 and 1997, RTA assisted Simpson Timber Company in drafting their aquatic HCP to address four species of anadromous salmonids.  Mr. Taylor participated in early stages of Simpson’s HCP, drafting sections regarding description of baseline habitat conditions, life-history profiles of target species, impact analyses of current management practices, and development of preliminary mitigations.

  • Compliance Reporting- Since 2004, RTA has been the lead author of the Mono Basin Fisheries annual compliance report to the State Water Resources Control Board. This report is required by LA Water and Power as part of their water license.


  • Methodologies and protocols- In 2003, RTA was contracted by CDFG to draft standardized methods for evaluating fish passage at stream crossings with culverts for Part IX of the California Salmonid Stream Habitat Restoration Manual. In 2015, the California Fish Passage Forum contracted with RTA to develop methods to monitor fish passage restoration projects.

  • Literature searches and reviews- Simpson Timber Company – salmonid life histories, watershed processes, timber management impacts, and historic watershed and fisheries conditions in northern California.  Los Angeles Department of Water and Power­ – brown trout habitat requirements, carrying capacities (trout biomass) of eastern Sierra and northeastern California streams, and hydrologic conditions of streams downstream of lakes in the eastern Sierras.   


  • Permit development- provided assistance to agencies and private entities in drafting fisheries sections of a variety of permits.  Five-Counties Program – ACE Regional General Permit-1; CDFG 1602; CEQA, and Water Quality 404-D.  Friends of Corte Madera Creek - Fisheries Biological Assessment (BA) for two fish passage projects. Bryan A. Stirrat & Associates, Inc -  Fisheries BA and CEQA for Mendocino South-coast Landfill Closure plan. SHN Engineering - Fisheries BA and Biological Evaluation for the Campbell Creek Water Intake Improvement Project. 

  • Meeting minutes- Klamath Technical Work Group – contracted by USFWS to draft quarterly meeting minutes. 

  • Symposium proceedings- FFFC Forum – drafted and edited the proceedings of a two-day channel monitoring workshop.

  • Grant writing- Since 1997, RTA has written (or co-written) and submitted approximately 95 proposals to state and federal fisheries restoration programs.  Our success rate (proposals accepted and funded) is nearly 85%.

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