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Mono Basin Fisheries Project

Since 1997, Mr. Taylor has participated in annual population surveys of brown and rainbow trout in Mono Lake tributaries as part of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s long-term settlement agreement to restore the Mono Lake Basin. In 2009 Mr. Taylor was appointed by the State Water Resources Control Board as the program's lead fisheries scientist.

Salt River Monitoring Project

Since 2014 RTA has contracted with the Humboldt County Resource Conservation District to conduct fall and winter fisheries sampling for the Salt River Restoration Project. This monitoring continues to document the use of this tidally-influenced habitat in the lower Eel River by juvenile coho salmon, Chinook salmon, tidewater goby and numerous other native fish species.

Fish Passage - Project Monitoring

Since 2009 RTA has contracted with NOAA Fisheries to conduct pre-project and post-project monitoring of fish passage projects funded by NOAA. Projects have included dam removal, stream crossing remediation and tide gate modifications. Both physical and biological monitoring methods are employed to evaluate project success and document the biological response of targeted fish species and age-classes. 

Martin slough_1-10-19_pic#7.jpg
Martin Slough Enhancement Project

RTA is contracted with the Redwood Community Action Agency to assist in a large-scale estuary habitat enhancement project on Martin Slough in the Humboldt Bay watershed. RTA has provided fish and amphibian relocation services during four construction seasons and has also conducted four years of biological monitoring. Starting in November of 2021, an additional two years of biological monitoring will be focused on the off-channel habitats constructed for rearing of non-natal juvenile coho salmon.

Dry Dock Gulch Fish Passage Project 

In 2017-2019, RTA worked with Michael Love and Associates, Steinbuck Consulting, California State Parks and Trout Unlimited to assess the feasibility of restoring fish passage into Dry Dock Gulch, a tributary to the Big River, in Mendocino County. A preferred alternative was selected by State Parks to restore fish passage and tidal exchange between The Big River and Dry Dock Gulch. RTA will provide fish and amphibian relocation services prior to project construction and will also conduct two years of biological monitoring to assess the response of over-wintering juvenile coho salmon and steelhead. 

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